Environment & Agrochemistry

Raman spectroscopy being used more and more as environmental researchers and scientists experience its advantage over other analytical techniques. Being a vibrational spectroscopy technique, Raman spectra yield high information content, allowing accurate identification of organic and inorganic components. This is useful in identifying pollutants and contaminants in water since water does not interfere with Raman measurements. The ability to directly analyze and continuously monitor aqueous systems reduces the probability that analytes of interest will change prior to or during analysis. This advantage is lacking in other analytical techniques, such as UV absorbance spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Raman spectroscopy is also useful in agrochemistry, especially for the detection of perchlorate and other potentially harmful contaminants. Such an application applies to water for drinking, crop irrigation, and recreation, as well as fertilizer products. Besides detection, quantitative analysis of samples is also possible.

Selected Publications For Environmental/Agrochemical Applications:
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