Symbion Products

- Online process software

The Symbion product family includes software programs and hardware implementations to cover the great majority of requirements for spectroscopic data processing – from standardized data collection, analysis, and exploration to on-line process configuration and control. Each software product can stand alone. But they can also be used synergistically to provide even more powerful capabilities.

Data Acquisition, Analysis, Control, and Deployment
  • Symbion DX & RX
  • Symbion RTM
  • Capabilities Comparison Table
  • Symbion QT
Hardware Implementation
  • Symbion SA 2000

Process Analytical Development and Deployment Suites

Overlay of the four main windows of Symbion DX – Method Development, Manual Data Analysis and Control, Run-time (On-line) Control and Plotting, and Historical Data Analysis.
  • Sample system design and control
  • Simultaneous control of multiple analyzers
  • Extraction of process variable information from the raw data
  • Real–time trending of any number of streams
  • System diagnostics and alarming
  • Choice of file based or database storage
  • Archiving of data in a local or remote Oracle® database
  • Comprehensive method development capabilities
  • Flexible historical analysis
  • Remote communications via OPC, Modbus, TCP/IP, COM, DDE, etc.
  • Provision for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 (RX)

Symbion DX and RX provide a complete application development, networking, and on–line monitoring environment for all process analytical technology (PAT) requirements. These programs include all of the capabilities of Symbion LX and LRX but add comprehensive programming functionality – including the capability to execute programs written in MATLAB™, Octave, or TCL. Symbion DX is designed to meet the diverse requirements of the chemical industries. RX adds the audit trails and other compliance features required for operation in highly regulated industries. Even MATLAB or Octave scripts can be made compliant when contained within the Symbion structure.

The extensive development capabilities of Symbion DX and RX provide for the creation of customized methods and operating screens to meet virtually any requirement. For example, an operator’s screen can range from a simple start button and red/green quality display to a comprehensive set of statistical control plots. Once created, a method can be saved to the database and recalled via secure log-in for subsequent deployment.

Symbion DX & RX Data Sheet

Streamlined Process Analytical Method Development and Deployment Software

Symbion RTM’s standard operating screen showing both a trend plotting area and spectral display.
  • A standardized platform for rapid, continuous on-line process analysis and control
  • A simplified (flat) user interface to facilitate use at every skill level
  • Workflow oriented method development
  • Multithreaded operation to enable simultaneous operation of disparate functions
  • Communication with sampling systems, historians, and process control systems via standard protocols, including OPC, Modbus, TCP/IP, COM, and DDE
  • Extremely rapid processing of spectra and provision of process variable outputs

A standardized platform for rapid, continuous on-line process analysis and control, Symbion RTM has been designed to provide a flat easily-understood one-button operating environment. Its administrative functions include the Symbion TDE Automation Method Builder, which provides for straight forward step by step a development of fully documented applications without the need for specialized programming skills.

Symbion RTM can be used with a wide variety of analytical instruments, controlling the simultaneous operation of one or more instruments as well as auxiliary sampling equipment, while synchronizing chemometric operations, data display, and storage. The use of multi-threaded data processing enables these operations to run simultaneously, greatly accelerating overall operating speed. In practice, the speed attained is limited only by the capabilities of the instruments and multivariate software being used.

Symbion RTM Data Sheet

Capabilities Comparison Table for Symbion DX/RX, and RTM

Capabilities DX RX RTM
Instrument Operation
File Browsing and Storage
Data Base Search and Storage (Oracle)  
Comprehensive Data Visualization Functions  
Complete Vector and Scalar Math Capabilities  
Execution of Symbion QT Predictions
Execution of Most 3rd Party MVA Predictions
Includes TDE Automation Method Builder
Includes Experiment Design and Execution (EDE) Module  
Includes Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Module  
Execution of Matlab ™ and Octave Scripts
Production of Trends Based on Stored Spectra
Remote Communication using OPC, Modbus, and TCP/IP
Export of Graphical Results to Third party Programs  
Provision for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance    
Extensible Programming Capability  
Simultaneous Control of Multiple Analyzers  
Autonomous Operation
Sampling System Configuration and Control
Real-time Trending of Multiple Predictions and Process Information
System Diagnostics and Alarming
Synchronization of Diverse 3rd Party Software Products
Simplified (Flat) User Interface    
Multithreaded Architecture for Simultaneous Execution of Disparate Functions    
Extremely Rapid Processing of Spectra and Process Variable Outputs    

Expert Chemometrics Made Easy

One of the many QT screens illustrating the use of tabs for rapid selection of model building steps and result displays.
During Development:
  • A clean user-oriented approach to model development
  • Integrated Work-flow environment
  • Automated model optimization
  • Rapid, flexible assembly of training, test, and validation data sets
  • Auto-generation of reports to document every step of method development and deployment
  • Incorporation of external variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow into models
  • Compatible with diverse data formats and instruments
  • Supports PLS, PCR, and PCA
During Deployment:
  • Rapid, simultaneous execution of multiple models by means of multi-threading
  • Full integration into the Symbion suite of analytical software
  • Replaying of pre-acquired data using new or refined models
  • Rapid, flexible assembly of training, test, and validation data sets
  • Full Life-Cycle Optimization™ utilizing automated internal diagnostics

Symbion QT represents a new approach to chemometrics, one which places the chemometrics engine in the background and focuses instead on streamlining the process of building and deploying chemometric models.

The QT Model Builder employs a step by step workflow approach which guides beginner and expert alike through the process of assembling and processing the data needed to build and evaluate calibrations. The resulting calibrations are fully validated and documented and ready for deployment.

The entire QT package has been developed from the ground up to provide a completely natural, non-intrusive development environment which frees the user to focus directly on meeting project requirements without being encumbered by overly complex software.

Symbion QT Data Sheet

SA-2000 Analytical Appliance

The fast track to process analytical deployment

SA-2000 appliance employing a miniaturized industrial computer

The SA-2000 Analytical Appliance provides a secure, streamlined approach to process analytical deployment by providing a locked-down hardware and software environment combined with a set of rigorously tested algorithms each of which is dedicated to a specific application. Each algorithm controls a specified analytical instrument and sample system and provides outputs in the form of process variable predictions. The Symbion Appliance thus inherently provides compliance under 21 CFR Part 11 while eliminating the need for validating complex instrument operating software and other third party packages.

Communication between the Appliance and analytical instruments is via a set of instrument-specific drivers which do not require instrument vendor software on the appliance. Communication with control systems, historians, and other data systems is provided by an internal OPC client/server. The client/server also provides communication with the components of a sample conditioning system the operation of which may be integral to a given analytical method.

Symbion SA-2000 Data Sheet

SA-2000 Features:
  • Rigorously tested industrial hardware
  • Embedded operating system
  • Embedded Symbion-RX software
  • Locked-down algorithms for individual analytical methods
  • Compatible with many spectrometers and other analytical instruments
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Miniaturized industrial computer for ultra-small footprint and low power consumption
  • Browser-based Connectivity
  • Controllable through any Smartphone or Tablet