Art / Cultural Conservation

Priceless pieces of art and specimens of cultural heritage require a non-destructive analytical method to study, assess their authenticity, and/or determine the best method for their preservation. Raman spectroscopy is ideal for these applications, being a non-destructive analytical method - especially for fragile, one-of-a-kind specimens.

For specimens which cannot be removed from their site of discovery, we offer portable, fully integrated EZRaman systems which can perform on-the-spot measurements and data analysis. For nonremovable samples requiring high sensitivity, lab-grade instumentation, our EZRaman-I Series instruments will allow you to bring the "lab" with you, wherever your site of research may be.

Example: Pigment Identification

Roman terracotta piece, likely an architectural mirror

Spectrum of the orange dot on terracotta surface, superimposed with RRUFF minium spectrum

Publications by Enwave Customers for Art Applications:
  • Roberts, J., Wilfong, T., Fernandex, E., Kerns, A., Melton, M., Morrow, A., Wu, E. and Pan, K. 2009. Analysis of Ancient Roman Pigments by Portable E-Ray Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopies. Paper presented at FACCS 2009, Louisville, KY.